Are snickers banned during a diet?

With more than 310 kcal per serving and an explosive composition for the line , snickers should be avoided to a maximum during a diet.

The composition of Snickers is not compatible with a diet

Beyond the caloric bill (nearly 310 calories), Snickers are made of nougat , caramel, peanuts, chocolate and sugar.

Suffice to say that with more than 55 grams EvoElite Keto Reviews of sugar and 24 grams of fat per bar , this type of candy is almost destined to end up on the hips, belly and thighs. Gluten intolerant people still tend to turn to Snickers for lack of options in this category of snacks.

This does not prevent you from savoring one from time to time if you are a big fan, but as part of a serious dieting, we must ban this food and turn to options certainly greedy, but low ig and nutritional value more interesting for the body.

A snicker bar brings far too many unnecessary calories and ingredients that will promote the storage of fat to be inserted serenely into a diet diet.

Is there an alternative light recipe for a diet?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to reproduce a Snicker in a way that is both faithful and light.

However, turning to snacks based on nuts, seeds, almonds, honey or dark chocolate can satisfy lovers of sweet while bringing good things to the body. There are recipes for healthy Thermomix snacks for those who have them.

Other advantages to avoid this type of product

The main advantage when you stop using this type of bar is to preserve your health : between palm oil , sugar and different types of fat , many factors are combined to gain weight and increase risks of cardiovascular disorders, to name a few.

Similarly, a pregnant woman will have to pay more attention to her diet and turn to foods certainly rich and greedy, but more balanced in terms of inputs: healthy cake and home , almond ice cream, small Evo Elite Keto portion of organic white chocolate or black … The idea here is to control the origin and composition of what we consume.

In the end, during a diet, the good snack is rather a fruit, a yogurt or a handful of oilseeds . If they seem less tempting than Snickers, think hard about your swimsuit goal!