Benefits of Pole dance Does it really work?

Pole Dance, or also referred to as bar dance, cane dance, American bar and more popularly as a tube dance, is a discipline that since the 1980s has begun to gain great popularity within pop culture, then that many nightclubs and strips began to integrate it as part of their shows to attract the Mass M1x attention of more customers, and not to mention that soon, he also took over the big screen after movies like Elizabeth Berkley’s Showgirl and Striptease and Demi Moore, respectively, will openly show us the seductive side of this practice.

Due to the same erotic nature of this dance that shows without hesitation the most gratifying of feminine beauty, it began to be considered as a discipline for women of easy life.

A little history about Pole dance

While it is true that Pole dance gained great popularity in the mid-1980s, it is believed that it actually began to show itself in Canada during the Great Depression. However, the discipline was very different from what we know today, because in it, in addition to the work with the floor and the turns around the bar, movements with different figures and in different transitions were also used. By the fifties began to change slightly, influencing the burlesque.

On the other hand, there are those who believe that the true origin of Pole dance starts from the different shows and acrobatics that we commonly see in circuses, so it is not a surprise to relate many of the figures we see in Pole dance to share some similarity with Chinese circus acrobatics.

Pole dance as a sport discipline

In spite of its beginnings and its progressive evolution that has given it quite bad reputation, the era of liberalism laid its hands directly on this discipline to the point that today it is considered by many as a sport in the whole rule , while for many others represent a way to express a true art through the body.

And is that Pole Dance, despite looking like a fairly simple dance, the truth is that it is not, because its practice is preceded by a complete mastery of body weight, as well as the development of all muscle groups and incredible flexibility to perform all kinds of movements without complications. It is not for nothing that women who practice Pole dance, either as a mere way of staying fit, or, professionally, practice other disciplines such as ballet, yoga, rhythmic gymnastics and aerobatics.

And no, contrary to what many believe, Pole dance is no longer a “simple” erotic dance in order to entertain single and partying men after a tired day’s work, as there are currently thousands of academies and fitness centers that They have incorporated the teaching of Pole dance into their repertoire so that many women can perform some type of physical activity to enjoy excellent health and an enviable body, in a healthy and fun way. So much so, that many professional women, moms, students or of any kind practice Pole dance to get away from everyday stress.

And that is only one part that shows us that this discipline goes much further, because the Pole Dance has an international federation known as the IPSF (international Pole Sport Federation) and the WPDF (World Pole Dance Federation) that not only regulate The sports competitions carried out in different countries, but have also made various proposals to the Olympic Committee to integrate this discipline within the Olympics that are held every four years.

The video above shows the presentation of Oona Kivelä, winner of the Pole Art 2012, which in turn has been three times world champion of the discipline. As you can see, Pole dance at the sports level is very different from what we would expect to find in a cabaret or nightclub.

Benefits of Pole dance

At first glance, we can find a wide range of benefits that arise after the constant practice of pole dance . The first and perhaps the greatest reason why many people practice it (at least initially, because as time goes by, the mentality changes), is due to the burning of calories that are achieved. On average, a class of 90 minutes can lead to an energetic wear of between 500 and 600 calories , which stimulates the burning of fats in a surprising way and with this, the necessary path to build a more aesthetic body and Above all, healthy .

But that is not everything, because as we have already mentioned in different articles, it is not the burning of calories that only matters when practicing any sports discipline. In the case of Pole dance, we can find other benefits that will surely interest you much more. One of them is the gain of muscle mass , which will allow you to have a better domain over your own body to be able to have a much closer synergy with the bar. Specifically, the biceps and triceps, the back, the abdomen and the obliques are worked with greater focus. As you can see, the gym is not the only place where you will work that muscles to improve your metabolic rate, there are much more fun and less risky options such as Pole dance, because not having to work with very heavy loads, but only with your own body, you can be sure or sure that injuries are a matter of minor concern, although of course, it is always advisable to adhere to the best possible execution techniques and start with a good warm-up phase so that the muscles are prepared for the work that is to come.

On the other hand, flexibility is also strengthened, a capacity that not many manage to develop due to how difficult and almost insufferable it is to perform the different exercises for this purpose. This is perhaps one of the main reasons why most people who practice Pole dance, whether in sports or for entertainment purposes, have some experience gained through other practices (yoga, ballet, gymnastics, etc.). ). However, if you are a person who has never Mass M1x Reviews done any kind of sport and you are interested in practicing Pole dance, you can do it without any problem, because the learning process is a path that many must go through, so above all In this case, there is no place for the complexes that can be had when it is located next to the bar.

Thanks to this, you will see how over time your self-esteem goes through the air, not only for the endorphins and other hormones that are released when you exercise, but also for the results that are achieved at the level of progression of the practice and the changes that They occur in the body, both aesthetic and health. If your plan is to lose those extra pounds you have gained over time, it is very likely that with Pole dance you will get it and in less time than you could imagine.

Rest assured that if you get to practice it impeccably, you can master any discipline, because as muscle mass is improved, strength levels and physical endurance also increase, allowing the body to perform all kinds of intense activity without suffering a significant energy wear.

Other curious facts you should know about Pole dance

As in all fitness disciplines that we can find today, there are different curious facts and myths surrounding Pole dance and then we will tell you so that, if you have decided to practice it, you can have greater security in your first day of classes.

In the first place, currently the name of Pole dance is usually considered as something shabby, as many people refer to it as pole fitnss or pole sport, which, as we have already mentioned on different occasions, is the discipline or sports field that It seeks to develop the body’s abilities at a much higher level, performing exercises that improve muscle mass, strength, flexibility, self-esteem and figure.

Although at the amatéur level (since in the professional field it is not usually very common) there are still certain erotic tendencies in the practice of sport, the truth is that it is increasingly considered as an art.

Pole dance is a discipline that both men and women can practice, although of course, the tendency is more inclined to the feminine sphere, perhaps because of its origins, or also because the bar can support a maximum weight of 80 kilograms.

There is a fairly popular myth that revolves around Pole dance and that is what leaves a lot to talk about why it still does not have the acceptance it should. And it is that many people outside the discipline believe that the practice requires a slender and toned body with more brilliance than clothes when the opposite happens. It is true that it is recommended not to use too much clothing to allow the skin to adhere to the bar, but there will be no problem if you go with the typical gym clothes or any other class such as yoga.

If you are a person who is overweight and you are afraid of what you can see in front of the mirror (because in each room there are huge mirrors on the wall, as with the ballet), do not worry, remember that many more people started in Similar conditions and today have become true exponents of bar dancing.

To practice Pole dance you only need a couple of requirements: leave all the complexes behind, have a lot of discipline and above all, have fun at all times.

In conclusion

You may have reached the same conclusion, but it is not enough to say it. The pole dance is a practice that is expanding more and more around the world and its acceptance is quite good … who knows, maybe and for the next Olympics of 2020 we can see various figures of the discipline present their best shows to demonstrate the great effort and work required for your domain.

As you can see, Pole dance is an excellent way to put the body to work, so do not hesitate to add it to your list of possible sports that you can practice if the gym or go jogging in the morning does not seem interesting.

Of course, remember that beyond physical preparation, the most important thing you need to start in Pole dance is a good attitude that leads you to do your best in class at the same time you have fun as rarely you do There are currently many gyms or even dance academies that have integrated the discipline into their teaching catalog so it is a matter of you to find the establishment that you deem most convenient.

Forget all those complexes that you may have, because Pole dance is a fairly friendly practice for beginners and if you can not perform the movements or even hold yourself at the bar, surely your teacher will help you progress gradually with routines that you can perform on the floor, so the excuses are others.