Eat protein with each meal to lose weight?

The protein-based diet has proven itself , but does it really suit me? What if I’m vegan and want to increase my protein intake? Can I take a lot of weight eating at each meal?

Eat protein at each meal, a slimming reflex?

The high protein diet is much talked about and for good reason : it allows you to quickly lose several pounds without Tier 2 keto Reviews being tired. It is sometimes recommended for people who need an express loss before an operation. Its principle is as follows: proteins morning, noon and evening, vegetables at will, preferably with steam, and an extremely reduced intake of carbohydrates.

Many diets rich in protein exist but all take the same principle: to melt fats and maintain muscle mass. So we eat meat, white fish , egg , but also vegetable proteins like soy .

If you are vegan , it will be too complex to follow for you. And in any case you need to justify a need for quick weight loss to get started.

How to consume proteins to slim down?

Animal protein is certainly the best known but not the only one. Do not eat beef every day , it’s not good for your health or the planet. Think of chicken or turkey fillet, duck aiguillettes, organic ham and organic ham (non-organic foods contain many dyes and preservatives). Eggs (especially egg white ) are your allies, you can eat one or two a day without problems if you do not have cholesterol.

Vegetable proteins, the green lentil, the red bean , the chickpea contain a lot. But also quinoa, nuts, spelled . Complete your main course with vegetables rich in iron and calcium such as spinach and broccoli and finish with a dairy such as cottage cheese or plain yoghurt … without sugar, of course.

As a snack : a banana , a yogurt with goat’s milk and a handful of dried fruits.

Eating too much protein is dangerous

It is recommended to eat “only” 58 grams of protein per day if you are sedentary. An athlete working his bodybuilding can consume up to 140 grams. In short, to be healthy, you have to eat everything in a balanced way.

High protein diets are for people who want to lose weight over a short period of time but should not be prolonged over time. The risk of deficiencies are numerous, especially in terms of calcium. More serious, to eat too much, the body produces ammonia, which the kidneys struggle to eliminate. Renal pathologies may be the consequence.

Many brands offer high protein capsules or sachets: they can help you punctually but be sure not to start a diet without medical monitoring, and preferably consume fresh foods, not powder. Finally, remember Tier 2 keto that to lose weight and muscle, nothing beats the sport: running to eliminate calories and fitness to sculpt his figure seems an excellent combination.