How to gain muscle with natural proteins?

When trying to drastically reduce the body’s fat mass and replace it with muscle , it is important to adopt the right reflexes and choose the right foods.

A low-calorie, protein-free diet will be ineffective ; on the contrary, depending on the dietary phase in which you are, eating protein and increasing the energy intake of each meal is essential.

Athletes and / or bodybuilders who do not want to use powder supplements will have to be all the more vigilant in the choice of their food.

How to eat effectively during a period of mass gain

What natural proteins to take during the mass gain phase? This is the question that most athletes ask themselves when trying to gain muscle quickly. Fortunately, there are many foods that are naturally high in protein.

This is the case with meat, especially beef, which contains up to 18% protein. Fish and shellfish are also essential in a weight gain diet , as they contain a lot of amino acids, which are often lacking in vegetable proteins . However, it is still important to include these in your daily Keto Trim 800 diet.

In particular, there is a lot of reliance on eggs and milk, some during the day, the other rather before going to bed. Pulses are also very rich in protein and are favored in weight gain menus.

This is the case with chickpeas , lentils, but also soybeans and other sprouted seeds which are easy to cook and to integrate into your daily life to vary menus and pleasures.

Eat naturally and fat-free during the dry phase

The dry phase is the period during which the intake of lipids and carbohydrates is reduced . We avoid all refined sugars and saturated fats so that the body draws on fat and transforms it into muscle.

This is why it is important to continue incorporating a lot of protein into your diet. We can especially count on spirulina , this super blue alga which provides a lot of natural proteins. You can use it in multiple ways and every day if you wish. Another food sometimes underestimated and yet very useful in dry periods, coffee improves performance while burning fat.

Finally, eating almonds or nuts as a snack also increases protein intake while helping the body to fight against the Keto Trim 800 Reviews feeling of hunger and the cravings that accompany it.