Regime Thonon: what to eat at tea time?

A balanced diet is necessary for lasting weight loss . The Thonon diet allows you to reach your goal quickly thanks to a pre-set menu over 14 days so the question is whether snacks are allowed.

Snacks are prohibited in this diet

Quite simply, if you follow the Thonon program , you will not be entitled to snacks. It may seem complicated knowing that the meals are rather meager, but the result is worth it.

Weight loss of up to 10 kilos per Impact Keto Max week is possible . Nevertheless, if you feel that you really need to eat something, refer to your menu, because during certain days food is at will including salads and fruits .

You can also crack on a dairy with 0% of fat which will offer you a satiety sensation without breaking the rules of the diet. A snack a day including the afternoon is nevertheless the maximum you can afford if you want to enjoy the benefits of this diet quickly.

Principles of the Thonon diet

The principle of this diet is simple, it combines the high protein diet and the low calorie diet. You bring very few calories to your body by consuming proteins that will strengthen your muscle mass and increase the feeling of fullness even if the rations are lower.

The virtues of this diet have been proven and many people choose to follow it. For 14 days you will have a pre-set menu that you will follow to the letter.

The nutritional value of these menus does not allow a complete contribution to the body. Watch for any signs of deficiencies to prevent health problems.

With what to accompany the Thonon program?

If fatigue can be felt throughout the program, however , try regular physical activity to tone your muscles and stretch your skin .

A great weight loss involves a loss of fat and your skin may not follow the movement which gives the clumps of unsightly skin that is often seen in people who have lost a lot of weight . The abs and running Impact Keto Max Reviews are strongly recommended.

The rule is simple during a Thonon program, no nibbling or snacking . If you have to crack, opt for lean proteins that will fill you up quickly.