The trail: a consequent caloric expenditure?

The trail is on the rise with more and more sportsmen . This practice of running on paths or trails requires more training and effort because the terrain can be more or less passable and have more or less significant unevenness. As a result, the distance but also the height difference play on your caloric expenditure and you also lose more fat.

But what exactly is trail? How to train and progress to have the necessary stamina?

The trail: endurance and calories burned

The running can burn up to 850 kcal per hour , if you practice on a relatively flat and passable (tar). But the trail increases the difficulty since it involves running a distance of at least 42 km on paths and / or trails whose paved surfaces must not exceed 15% distance. An entire program !

As a result, the trail has a caloric expenditure all the more consistent and allows to tone the whole body. Nevertheless, it is advisable to begin this practice in a reasonable way, by starting on short distances and relatively practicable grounds. For example, start with a hike to walk, to familiarize yourself with the difficulties (stony paths, steep paths, etc.). Then you can start increasing the pace until you find your cruising pace.

Like running, the trail requires proper equipment to limit shocks to the back. Good running shoes are therefore essential to avoid injuries.

A sustained but irregular physical effort

Unlike running on hard ground, the trail requires uneven and heterogeneous efforts. All the muscles of your body are solicited and the calorie expenditure is all the more important in the face of the difficulties encountered.

By climbing a hill or going downhill, you will burn the fat of the belly and thighs , even calves and glutes. The pace of your race will be different depending on the stages of the course which makes the physical effort irregular: you will vary between moments where it will be a question of taking long strides to moments where you will have to make small small steps to climb a side. As a result, this sport requires excellent cardio and endurance. At the end of the race waiting for you the satisfaction of being overwhelmed but also the loss of many calories!

If trail races interest you, know that they are excellent for losing weight but require training and rigor.