This is the diet that Messi follows to maintain his weight

There has been a lot of talk about Lionel Messi, especially after his recent performance in this Copa América, however, the truth is that he has lost weight and gained resistance in recent years, which for a player means agility and goals. One of his secrets to achieve this is his diet and diet. You are interested in knowing what it is and how it was achieved, so pay attention.

Messi’s diet has been designed by Giuliano Poser, an Italian doctor who combines his knowledge of nutrition, kinesiology, postural corrections, massages, osteopathy, Bach flowers and emotional therapy.

According to Mundo Deportivo newspaper, Poser bases his diet on:  “vegetables, seasonal fruits and good mineral True Keto Boost water, which are the essential fuel for our muscles” It also recommends reducing the intake of processed foods AND, of course, alcohol, tobacco and sugar and fat foods.

What is the key to the diet of this doctor who is giving so much talk? Here we present it:

  1. Eliminate from our diet the food that makes us sick : Additives (such as preservatives, monosodium glutamate or aspartame), foods that can carry pesticides, fungicides and saturated fats, hydrogenated vegetable fats.
  2. Include organic foods or those that have been made naturally.
  3. Eliminate or reduce sugar, alcohol, dairy products, yeasts, refined wheat (or white flour / pasta / bread, which usually has tolerance problems)

The detoxification capacity of the body gradually decreases with increasing age and the same behaviors cause different effects than a few years earlier. Soccer players often pay the consequences of poor nutrition

  1. Eliminate for a long period of time, foods that are not well tolerated  according to kinesiology (the most common are dairy products, wheat flour, pork, beef, shellfish, Solanaceae, xanthine or eggs )
  2. Resume healthy habits : how to sleep more, stretch, be in touch with nature,

Eat organic food and eliminate products with additives, meat, sugar, solanaceae and dairy is the basis of Leo Messi’s diet

In general it is a diet that improves True Keto Boost Side Effects health and reduces the incidence of diseases that also combined with physical exercise also keeps the immune system in top form. If Messi is doing well eating healthy,  can you imagine how you would feel?