Top 4 leg exercises you should never leave out

We must never forget that the legs are the other half of the body, so if we do not give enough stimulation, they will quickly decompensate the torso and give rise to a physicist with decompensations, this being quite anti-aesthetic contrary to popular belief , a large torso and small legs is quite ridiculous.

In order to train them correctly and get symmetrical thighs, then you have 4 leg exercises that you should do without a doubt .

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  • Squat variant sumo

A normal squat or with your feet together works your legs well, but leave aside the abductors, adductors and femorals, something that we correct using a wider position of opening of feet, in addition to lowering more in depth.

This exercise done thus provides us Flow Fusion with a very harmonious development of our legs, achieving a more aesthetic appearance and without disproportion.

When influencing other muscles with different characteristics than the quadriceps, we must increase the number of repetitions and time under tension, to achieve an adequate stimulus in the other muscles.

Squat Hack

Essential exercise for the quadriceps that does not involve at all the lower back or other stabilizers, very comfortable to perform and allows us to perform numerous series adding a large volume of work and intensity without leaving us too exhausted.

Depending on the position of our feet we can affect certain areas of the quadriceps and abductors / adductors. In fact to work these my favorite position is that of legs together with the tip of the feet pointing inwards, it should not be anything forced, but something more or less natural.

High feet press

My favorite mixed exercise for legs, great stimulation in the femoral without leaving the quadriceps aside, the best way is with a natural leg opening and going down to form an angle of about 90ยบ with the legs

leg press

We must be careful with the footwear, since having our feet too high we can slip and have an accident, but if we do it slowly and maintaining tension there is no danger.

You can lift more weight than in the normal variant.

Long stride

In your routine you should never miss a unilateral leg exercise, to work both legs with the same intensity in case there are decompensations between them.

The long stride in addition to the quadriceps also works the femorals, if you realize most of the exercises that I recommend are of this nature, and it is because normally people usually have large quadriceps but totally small femorals, since These do not usually grow based on curls.

I highly recommend doing it with a bar, it is much more comfortable.


These leg exercises will help you Flow Fusion Reviews gain a good amount of muscle mass in them, enjoying training and also strengthening your abdomen and lower back, which will achieve stronger lifts in the most demanding back exercises.