Who’s the boss?

It’s you! Apply at home these little secrets gathered between colleagues of office and draw some benefits that the human resources would certainly not approve.

UNLESS YOU ARE THE BOSS – you will not get a big seat without a few sleepless nights at the office. But if you too often put extra effort in your job, it is unlikely that the prospect of a salary increase is enough to comfort your partner, who will feel irretrievably abandoned and that may make you pay. According to Dr. Jill Bowers, a researcher specializing in the study of couples’ satisfaction, the happiest ones are those who approach their private lives and professional lives with the same involvement. So what must a man do, a real one? The answer does not require you to put an end to your professional ambitions. Think for a moment: a good partner has a lot in common with a good colleague, is not it ? Zylophin Rx He keeps his calm in case of pressure, he knows how to be attentive and can always blame his colleague in case of error. The strategies developed on the next page will help you gain confidence in your business and, by applying them at home, observe the same effects. But more targeted.

Dress up as a man of stature

WHY IT’S IMPORTANT – Women’s eyes are focused on clothing, looking, unconsciously, for signs of social status. “What you wear is just what you are and what you have to offer,” says Dr. Helen Fisher. Your outfit also inspires confidence and, along with your appearance, tells her that she has enough value in your eyes to make you impress her.

WHAT TO DO – Renew your wardrobe. Buy yourself a dark color. Pay special attention to the shape; it should not be too loose or too tight and its size should be at the same level as your own height (ie 3 cm above the hips). Dare to mix for what you wear above the belt. Combine classic, patterns and textures: why not a navy jacket with a plaid shirt and good old wool tie?

Make the most of your network

WHY IT’S IMPORTANT – According to a study published in Psychological Science, boredom is the main factor of dissatisfaction in the couple. The fact of rubbing shoulders with others tends to stimulate passion. “We always strive to be at the best of ourselves in contact with others,” says Dr. Greif, a professor of family therapy. Seeing people value your opinion and agreeing with you will make them appreciate you more and vice versa. ”

WHAT TO DO – Multiply the evenings with the most entertaining couple of friends you know. According to Dr. Nicholson, who studies the phenomenon of attraction, couples feed on the enthusiasm of other couples. “Seeing other happy couples tends to reinforce the benefits of being in a relationship,” he says.

Play as a team

WHY IT’S IMPORTANT – According to a recent Swedish study, women are more likely to suffer psychological distress if they feel that sharing daily tasks is detrimental to them.

WHAT TO DO – Delegate effectively. Take your smartphone: there are a lot of applications and services that can relieve you of certain tasks. No longer having to go to the supermarket to rebuild stocks of non-perishable goods can for example largely relieve the organization of home life. Do not hesitate to call home delivery service. Many other services will allow you to delegate in areas as different as homework assistance, or assembling a new piece of furniture.

Raise your morale

WHY IT’S IMPORTANT – According to a recent study, wives whose husbands are happy have fewer marital conflicts than those who are “sad”. “Men tend to flee conflict, so guys who are positive are more likely to avoid disagreements,” says Professor James Iveniuk.

WHAT TO DO – Celebrate victories, even the most insignificant. This does not mean that every dish made deserves a medal. She runs her very first 10 kilometers? Be present on the finish line with a coffee and a cupcake. And make sure that your little touches reflect above all its qualities, not yours. If she craves adventure, she will enjoy a surprise trip to the mountains. But if she aspires to a little calm, she will rather enjoy a good meal in one-on-one.

Be generous

WHY IT’S IMPORTANT – Good news: Couples with the greatest sexual activity have the strongest marriages, according to a recent UK study. The intention here is not to put pressure on you: it is the overall satisfaction, not the frequency, that matters. “Feeling wanted is the biggest of the aphrodisiacs,” says doctor Fulbright, a sexologist. That’s why focusing on your own desires can bring you closer and increase your self-esteem. ”

WHAT TO DO – Be focused on it. “If she’s up, start creating a mood with candles or a massage, for example,” says Dr. Debby Herbenick. This will further relax her and increase the probability of her reaching 7th heaven.