Why combine vegetables and starchy foods to lose weight?

To accelerate your weight loss and not be hungry during your slimming diet , you can bet on the combination of vegetables and starchy foods.

Vegetables and starchy foods on the menu to reach your slimming goal quickly

Menus often tend to contrast green vegetables with starchy foods (potatoes, pasta , rice, etc.). These menus offer vegetables or carbohydrates with fish or meat . But you can compose dishes that have a very good Peak Surge Keto nutritional quality by keeping the vegetables in your menu, even if your dish has a share of starchy foods.

Your vegetables reduce the glycemic index of your carbohydrates . They help to make their digestion slower. This allows you to make less insulin (the hormone that is partly responsible for the accumulation of calories in the body) and avoid cravings.

Mixing vegetables and starch on a plate is an excellent weapon against storage to be included in dieting for good results in a short time.

Vegetables to control hunger

Vegetables are composed primarily of 75% to 95% water and sometimes more . It’s the cucumber that breaks the record with 96% water. With less than 78% water, the apple and pea are the poorest in water.

Water does not bring calories, your vegetables are poor. Vegetables are well supplied with fiber . Like water, these fibers provide no calories. In your stomach as well as in the rest of your digestive tract, the fibers fill with water then form a ballast occupying the volume.

By starting a meal with a thick vegetable soup, a large part of the stomach is occupied. This significantly reduces your appetite and your satiety settles. Make good recipes using vegetables and starchy foods during your slimming diet.

Lentils, beans and other pulses are to be included in your diet if you want to slim down healthily . Because these vegetables are rich in fiber, have an insignificant glycemic index, provide vegetable proteins. This gives them several health benefits. In the evening, it is best to eat green vegetables.

If you’re not a fan of vegetables, you have to go beyond imagination to cook your vegetables in the form of gratin so they have a less pronounced taste.

Starchy foods to satiate you by eating little

Starchy foods are composed primarily of complex carbohydrates that unravel after a while to give that essential glucose that provides energy to your body . That’s the reason why they need to bring you half of your calories every day. This allows you to avoid pump-outs caused by insufficient amount of glucose in your blood and some cravings that may encourage you to nibble outside meal times.

A diet that incorporates starchy Peak Surge Keto Reviews foods eliminates one of the major causes of weight gain . Thus, you are in the way of thinness by combining vegetables and starchy foods. Do not hesitate to take a complete starch as a side dish for your salad.